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  • Automated VistA Installation
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Using the OSEHRA-Automated-Testing and the FOIA-VistA repositories one can have a basic setup of VistA in about 15 minutes.  This does not report anything to any dashboard, etc.  This is great for redoing a dev system after something went wrong or need a new install.  The scripts work on both FIS GT.m and Intersystems Caché.

  1. Perform a clone of FOIA-VistA 

    git clone git://
  2. Perform a clone of OSEHRA-Automated-Testing 

    git clone git://
  3. Create a new directory to contain the generated scripts for OSEHRA-Automated testing 

    cd OSEHRA-Automated-Testing
    mkdir build
    cd build  
  4. Generate the scripts 

    ccmake ../
  5. Configure the options as appropriate.  See: for a description of the options.
  6. Import the routines and globals as well as doing initial initialization (device files) 

    cmake -P ImportRG.cmake 
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